Salute To The Flag


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24 Assorted effects 1 silver glittering palm and red 2 time rain palm and green 3 crackling willow 4 red light crackling palm 5 red green blue waves 6 brocade and white strobe 7 gold sizzling willow and red 8 red dahlia and green wave 9 orange palm and white strobe 10 pink and white strobe 11 pink and time rain 12 gold palm and blue 3 red neon peony 14 green neon peony 15 purple neon peony 16 sea blue neon peony 17 white strobe 18 orange neon peony 19 red and sky blue neon 20 purple and lemon neon 21 green neon and white with red strobe 22 purple and sky blue neon 23 purple and green neon with gold strobe 24 red, sky blue and lemon neon

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